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The First Post

I created this community as a place to ask questions or share advice, or complain, or brag, or just to talk about whatever may come to mind when it comes to sex and the topics involved. Currently I am 17 years old and pregnant with my first baby, and I had a lot of questions when I became sexually active that were never really answered, I hope this can be a place that can change that for other people.

Ever do something that just seems not normal? Ask about it here, I bet someone else has seen it, done it, heard of it.

Wanna gripe about the way your partner does something, here is the place.

Wonder why something feels the way it does, looks the way it does? Ask here!! Someone will know.

Still haven't crossed the great divide, wanna think about pros and cons before taking the big is a good place to start....

Talk about birth control, pregnancy, abstinance, positions, climaxing, tips, tricks, hints, advice, or ask questions.

Dont go freakishly overboard and there will be no problems. This is a mature environment for those with some semblance of maturity. lol.

thanks. have fun!!

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